Price, Schedule, & Policies

This page is primarily intended to answer business questions for prospective students and parents.

Location, Location, Location!

I am based in Easthampton, Massachusetts in the Mill 180 Building, next to Eastworks. I teach throughout the Pioneer Valley (Northampton/Greenfield/Amherst/Holyoke/Springfield) as well as the greater Boston/Cambridge/Somerville area.

I’m also happy to teach at your home/school/office. For that I need to request a slightly higher fee depending on scheduling and travel.


I am fundamentally flexible with the schedule, but I do ask that we book as many lessons as far into the future as is mutually comfortable to do. I find that scheduling a month’s worth of lessons into the future helps to secure a stable routine, and it saves a lot of scheduling work for both of us. Weekly lessons are ideal; otherwise as consistent as possible. My performing and touring schedule may require occasional adjustments, but I assure you I’ll change times as rarely as possible and never without ample warning, which leads us to the…

Fully Reciprocal Rescheduling Policy

As interdependent people, each of us with a complex schedule, we will both hold to the same code: If I need to reschedule, I will endeavor to be timely with my requests. If I need to cancel within 24 hours (or if I double book) I will give a lesson for no charge.

Likewise, students are asked to give as much advance notice as possible of their need to reschedule a lesson, the bare minimum being 24 hours. If a cancellation/ rescheduling must occur within that timeframe the lesson must be paid for.

On both sides exceptions will be made in exceptional cases, such as illness, emergency, or extreme weather.


Lessons are available on a sliding scale. The bottom end of the scale is reserved for students who need it.

Hour-long in-house lessons in the greater Boston area are $75–$100 (most people pay $80). In Easthampton, the scale for lessons at my studio is $45–$70 (most people pay $60). If I come to you, the price includes my travel time at the hourly rate.

Lessons are to be paid for either in advance or at the lesson.


A portion of every lesson payment you make will be used to feed Laverne and keep her healthy.


Here’s Rocko hanging out on a box of speakers next to an amp. You’ll be paying for his food and medical too.

Surprisingly, the cats are actually quite easily herded into an area where they will not distract from your lessons. They are entirely friendly. People who are allergic to cats tell me these cats are mild.